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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today's Big Project

Well, I was pretty busy today.  Feeding the baby, entertaining the three year old, making sure the house was still standing, and........making my first homemade diaper!  It took some planning, and a bit of fabric, but I got it done without too much yelling at the sewing machine. 

I started by looking at my current diapers and taking the things I like about each diaper and trying to create it with my diaper.  Then I made a pattern from the "bests" of the diapers.  I used one flannel receiving blanket, one fleece baby blanket, a scrap of flannel, and a new microfleece towel to make it.  Everything was upcycled or on-hand at home.  I also used an elastic hairband for a better fit.  I didn't have any thin elastic, so I improvised.

It took some experimenting and creativity to do this for the first time.  When I "finished"  with the diaper, I realized that I made the "wings" too short and it didn't fit around the baby.  She's pretty petite, so I knew this would be a problem.  I ended up making extentions on the wings.  It made it a little bit cuter (in my opinion) and much easier to put on.  Since it isn't waterproof, it is just a fitted.  I think that after I practice a bit, I will try to make an AIO out of PUL. 

So here's the finished product:




I am testing this diaper out as I type and I'm hoping for absorbant results!!!


  1. super cute diaper, Kari! (and even cuter baby). :)

  2. Thanks Beth! Hopefully with practice, I'll get better! I was just excited to make something from materials I had around the house.