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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fairy House and Imagination!

A few months ago, Aubrey asked to build a fairy house like the girl in the new Tinkerbelle movie.  After taking some wood from my dad's workshop (a little too nice for a fairy house, but free), we set to work to try and figure out the simplest way to build a beautiful fairy house.  Of course I had my wonderful husband help out, especially with the power tools!  When it was done, we started painting it as a family.  Aubrey had a lot of fun and was creative with the paint! 

After the fairy house was finished, well, it sat for a couple of months.  Finally, I was inspired enough to help Aubrey find the perfect spot!  She planted a couple of mini-pumpkin seeds outside the garden this year, and she felt that the perfect spot would be by the plants.  When she had placed it where she wanted it, she exlaimed "We need to find stuff that the fairies will like!"  So off we went, gathering pinecones, flowers, and mulberries for the fairies! 

Aubrey helping cut the sides.

Before the paint.

The finished project with fairy offerings!

Beautiful wildflowers by our house!  I couldn't resist including this picture, it will be very refreshing to look at once winter and the snow are here!

Aubrey and her first mini-pumpkin!  She keeps saying "It is gonna be soooo huge, Mom!"  I have had to explain numerous times that it is a mini-pumpkin!

We haven't gone back to check for fairies yet, but I know Aubrey is excited!  I love that this fosters her imagination and creativity.  I'm sure that we will be checking it frequently to see if the fairies have left anything for us.

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