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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's On Our Trays This Week?

After site searching, I am really liking the montessori type of approach for homeschooling Aubrey this year.  I love the independent learning aspect and a simpler approach to learning.  So I took some time and cleared out her toy shelves in our family room.  I picked up six trays from Target and got to work on setting things up for the week.  Since I taught for so many years, I already had ideas of what I wanted to do, but I wanted new and fresh ideas as well.  Between searching the web and looking through some old teaching books, I got the creative spark!  I am really happy with our trays this week.  Aubrey has also been enjoying them! 

The set-up!  The bins and other toys on the cube shelf will stay over the weeks and be swapped out as they get boring.  The trays will be changed weekly.

File Folder Letter Games:  A and B

A and B Letter Puzzles

B Letter Search

Color Farm Animal Matching

Shape Sort and Stack

Folding Washclothes
Peeling Crayons (for crayon melting next week)

Cutting  Between the Stickers (which turned out to be cut out the stickers in circles)

Now that the family room toys have been simplified, I will try tackling her room!  My goal is to store many toys out of site.  That way when she gets bored with toys, I can swap them out!  Good Luck to me!
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