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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beautiful Poem!

Someone on a parents online group that I belong to posted this beautiful poem.  (They had found it on a different group and didn't know the author.)  It made me get a lump in my throat, but made me feel good at the same time.  I am not normally a 'poem' kind of person (unless it's Shel Silverstein), but I just had to share!  I think the poem speaks for itself.

A Better Person

If you close your eyes you'll never see,
just how much she means to me.

All I ask from this day on,

Is to stand beside her and cheer her on.

She'll bring you places that you've never been,
And show you love from deep within.

She'll melt you heart a little more each day,
until it seems her disability has faded away.

But it's still there, I'll tell no lies.
It sometimes appears to be in disguise.

You no longer see through rose colored glasses.
As this vision you once had slowly passes.

The child you once thought of as frail and weak,
instead has made you implore defeat.

Her health sometimes may seem uncertain.
Yet through it all, she has made you a better person.

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