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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TUTORIAL: Quote Painting

I saw the quote:  "I will be grateful for this day" a long time ago.  I liked it so much that I wrote it on a post-it and stuck it on the corner of my laptop so that everytime I went on the computer I would see that and remember to be grateful.  Well, those post-it's don't last forever and it started to fall off.  I wanted to find some way to make that statement a more permanant fixture in my life (without getting a tattoo).  I have seen some drag type paintings around and figured out a way to do it for myself.

What you will need:
*Two contrasting colors of acrylic paint.  I chose teal and purple.
*White acrylic paint
*Paint medium
*1" brush
*foam brush
Mix your paint with the medium.  I stick to a 2 parts medium to 1 part paint.  This will save your paint and also will make it easier to spread along the canvas. 

  Make a blob of each of the following: 
*First color(teal)/medium 
*Second color(purple)/medium
*Second color + white/medium. 
You want two shades of your second color.

 Start by priming your canvas with one of the colors you selected.  It will show through so I chose a bright color that would really "pop".

Next take your darker shade of your second color and dip your 1" paint brush in.  Start at the top of the painting and drag the paint down the canvas.  Repeat across the top.  You will want it to look jagged so experiment with different amounts of paint on the paintbrush as you go along.  After you finish with the dark shade, start again using your lighter shade.  Don't worry about washing off the paintbrush, it will help blend the colors.  Repeat across the top with the lighter shade.  Press harder so that it mixes a little with the darker shade. 
 Repeat on bottom of canvas.

 When doing the sides of the canvas, don't drag all the way on the corners.  Just lightly paint the corners and only drag partially, so as to just give the allusion of the "drag."
 Repeat again on the other side.
 Paint the sides of the canvas to match.
 Tape your quote/statement stencil to the canvas in the place you want it.  I used my handy-dandy Cricut to make my stencils, using the Zoo font!!!  Using your foam brush paint in the stencils.  I was going to use white, but decided on a really light shade of purple that I mixed up.
Hang on your wall and Enjoy!!!


  1. Thanks, found a nice spot for it in my "craft room/area"

  2. What kind of paper did you put in your circut to make the stencil??

  3. I used some heavy cardstock that I had laying around. I made sure that I put the cutting blade down as far as it would go and that the pressure setting was up high. It worked great that way!