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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Keeping Baby Busy

I have loved homeschooling Aubrey for the past year!!!  She loves to learn and always wants to learn something new!  

Now that Lena is getting more interested in getting into trouble different things around her, I have been setting out some simple activities for her too.  

I superglued magnets onto large pompoms and gave her a pizza tray (from the dollar store) and a couple old egg-dying cups.  
 Playing with some bath-toys that we never used for the bath.  
 I super-glued some soft Velcro to the top of a container.  Then I superglued the rough velcro to different items (clothespin, pompom, ball, peg doll, spoon, block).  She then put the items onto the container and had to really use those fine motor skills to get them back off.  And she really like the sound it made!
 Placing sparkle pom poms into ice cube tray from IKEA.

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