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Friday, September 28, 2012

Penguin Fingerpuppets

Since Lena started with a new speech therapist, I have been inspired to engage her in different nursery rhymes, fingerplays, felt stories, and songs.  The more she is engaged, the more opportunities for her to show communication with us.  She has been doing so good with leaning new signs and letting us know her intentions lately!!!

So on my search, I decided to make some fingerpuppets for the rhyme:  "Two Little Blackbirds" but after some thought, I don't think that blackbirds are very cute.  Sooooo, my favorite bird was substituted, PENGUINS!!!!

Lena absolutely LOVED doing this with me and actually hid her hands behind her back with me!!!

 They were so easy to make!  Draw out a pattern, Cut, and Hand Sew!  I had them done in about an hour.  
After the penguins flew back, Lena loved grabbing them off my fingers and trying to put them on her own. 

Two Little Penguins
Two little penguins, sitting on a hill.
One named Jack, one named Jill.
Fly away Jack (fly one behind back)
Fly away Jill (fly the other behind back)
Come back Jack (bring one back to front)
Come back Jill (bring other back to front)

Other Versions
(Do the same motions for all of these, but make the opposites animated)

Two little penguins, sitting on a cloud.
One is soft, one is LOUD.
Fly away soft
Fly away LOUD.
Come back soft
Come back LOUD.

Two little penguins, sitting on a pot.
One is cold burrrrr, one is hottttttttt
Fly away cold burrrrrrrr.
Fly away hotttttttt.
Come back cold burrrrrrrr
Come back hottttttttt.

Two little penguins, sitting in the road.
One is fast, one is slow.
Fly away fast.
Fly away slooooooow.
Come back fast.
Come back slooooooow.

(Classic "Two Little Blackbirds" is modified to "Two Little Penguins."  The other versions that I have here, are ones I heard, learned, and/or modified myself from my years of teaching.  I do not take actual credit for them, but don't know an original source)

I am linking up with Flannel Friday!  It is being hosted on   www.storytimekatie.com
She has some wonderful ideas and lots of songs and stories for little ones!

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  1. Love the penguins! I agree they are MUCH cuter than blackbirds. Good job!