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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homeschool Tuesday #2

Well, better late than never on Homeschool Tuesday.  

We had a cute guest this past week:  my 3 year old niece Cece!  She was a gem to have, but that also meant that we didn't get as much homeschooling done as we usually do.  Instead we did a couple art projects, play-doh, singing, reading books, dancing, playing outside with the dog, and gathering acorns and walnuts.  Of course, I realized too late, that I didn't take any pictures!  One of the best things that I had the girls do was to do a GLO-LITE bath.  I've seen them all over Pinterest, and couldn't wait to see what they thought of it!  They thought it was really cool and I'm sure we'll be doing that again soon!!!

Well, here are a few things that Aubrey will be doing tomorrow.  Lena has aquatic therapy early tomorrow and then we have a couple errands to run, but we will be home in time to do quite a few things!!!

More sight word practice:  Building our 5 sight words with letter dominoes.

Pom pom Addition:  Roll the die and put that number of blue poms in the first section.  Roll the die again and put that number of yellow poms in the second section.  Count them all and find the corresponding number and put it into the bottom half.

Measuring and Recording Pumpkin Circumference.

Weekly Book:  Color each monkey one color and write the color word on the line.  Then I will staple it together to form a book that she can read herself.

Science:  I didn't get a good picture of this one....  We continue to learn about Living Vs. Non-Living Things.  Tomorrow we are doing the grid on the left page.  We are going to go outside and observe some things outside.  If we can, we will bring some things inside.  The plan is to get:  a bug, bark, a rock, a twig, and a clump of grass.  Aubrey then will draw each thing in the first column.  Then she will be asked:  "Does it need air?" "Does it need food?" "Does it make more of itself?" "Does it grow and change?" "Is it living?".  She then will put a Y or N in each square.

Letters on the Bus Song:  This song is great for reinforcing letter sounds.  Since you can't really make out the song on the picture, I'll post it.  It is to the tune of Wheels on the Bus.

The letter on the bus goes _  _ _; _ _ _; _ _ _.
The letter on the bus goes _ _ _ and _____ is it's name-o.

More sight Words.  Tomorrow we will do one page in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Aubrey will write the sight word on the line to complete the sentence.  We will then read the sentence together with her always reading the sight words that she knows by herself.  When we have completed all the sentences, she can draw a picture related to the "story".

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