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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homeschool Tuesday

Tuesdays and Thursdays are our best days for homeschooling since they are the only days that we always get to stay home.  Therefore, I try to pack in a lot of information and fun!  The added bonus to Aubrey learning more, is that she is also better behaved!  She is the kind of kid that always needs to be busy and engaged in something.  When she isn't......well I am not even going to start!

Today I really wanted to work on reinforcing the sight words we worked on the last few weeks.  I haven't added any new ones this week since Aubrey is a little stalled on IT vs IS.  Here are today's activities that I have planned.

Sight Word Work:  Building sight words with letter magnets.  I usually add our weekly sight words each week. Right now we are up to 5:  IT, IS, A, AM, I.  She has also worked on HAVE, MY, LIKE.

 Sight Word Work:  Flip an Egg.  Aubrey will have to flip one egg over at a time and name that word.  If she is correct, that egg stays flipped.  If she misses it, I will remind her of the word.  Then she has to flip all the eggs back over.  The game ends when all the eggs are flipped sunny-side up!  

Sight Word Work:  Matching sight words.  First Aubrey will color in the bubble sight words.  Then she will cut out the words on the bottom and match them to the correct word up top.

Math:  Domino Parking Lot.  Aubrey will add up the dots on the domino's and park them in the correct spot.  I also glued the "Domino Parking Log" into her Math Journal to record the math problems.  
 Domino Parking Lot is from Mathwire.com and is available at:  http://mathwire.com/strategies/matsdom.html

Science:  This week we will focus on Living vs. Non-Living.  We will start by listing attributes of both living and non-living things in Aubrey's Science Journal.  Then we will look at pictures of different things and ask ourselves questions to see if it is living or non-living.  Our questions include:  "Does it move?" "Does it grow and change?" "Does it breathe?" "Does it make more just like itself?" "Does it need food and water to live?"
 Pictures and graph can be found at http://www.kindergartenkindergarten.com/2012/03/a-science-mini-unit-living-and-non-living.html.  Kathryn has a great blog and has a ton of useful ideas for science journals for little ones.

Phonics:  Bead Slide.  This is an activity that I bring out almost every week.  It is one of those great ones that Aubrey can do on her own.  I set the clock for 10 minutes and she knows what to do.  It is a simple and very important activity that teaches kids to segment each phoneme of a word.  With each sound, the child slides a bead over to the other side of the rope.  Then the child is able to count how many sounds (phonemes) are in that word.  Frog= F-R-O-G=4 sounds.

Also on the list of things to do today:

*Playdoh:  Making houses for plastic frogs.
*Art:  Fingerprint Fall Trees
*Cooking:  Making oatmeal chewy bars!


  1. what a fun day. I especially like the sight word magnets and flowers. My husband is on a rotating schedule so we have school when he is at work- 3 days now will be four soon. We sometimes have soccer or dance and those make for rough days so yeah I get why you do school on you home days :) good job mom!

  2. What fun activities! I like the domino one especially. My kids would love that!

    Thanks for linking up at the Happy Hello this week!

  3. i love the egg flipping activity!!! brilliant. thanks so much for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  4. This is great. I am "pre-schooling" my girl at home. And I need all the help and ideas I can get. Thanks so much for sharing at tip-toe thru tuesday.