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Monday, October 8, 2012

Made It Monday #2

Geoboard Tutorial
This week, I am posting a cute geoboard that I made for Aubrey.  She absolutely loves it and we like to use it during her homeschool activities.

What You Need:
Wooden Board-about 3/4 inch (mine is from Hobby Lobby)
Mod Podge
Short Nails

Start by painting a base onto the wood board.  Make sure you get all the sides.

 There isn't a picture of the next step.....
I printed off a graph of 1 inch squares that were 11 squares by 8 squares.  Using that as a guide, I centered it on the wood board.  I, then, poked holes in each corner of the graph with one of the nails and made an indentation in the spot that I wanted them to go.  After I had finished, I picked up the paper and made a light mark with a pencil where each indentation was.  It needs to be dark enough to show through the decorative paint.  My 9 x 11 inch board has 8 nails by 10 nails with 1/2 inch on the short sides and 1/4 inch on the long sides.

Decorate the board with paint.  I used the base of a small cup to trace 2 inch circles to make a geometric pattern.  Since I had already marked the places for the nails, I used that as a guide for the circle's placement.  I used four paint colors and tried to make the colors as random as possible.  I had to do two coats of paint for the circles.

Allow plenty of time for the paint to dry.  Then Mod Podge the entire board.  I put two layers on.

Tap the nails into the marked spots.  I let the nails stick out a little less than a 1/2 inch.

We use colorful hairbands to make shapes!!!

I hope you enjoy this Made-It Monday!  

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