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Monday, October 29, 2012

Humpty Dumpty Homeschool Theme

Normally on Mondays, Aubrey goes to Gama's school for the day.  That way she doesn't have to sit in Lena's therapy for over an hour and a half!  Well, she couldn't go to school today, so we had an extra day of homeschooling!!!  I planned an extra special day of activities with a theme of Humpty Dumpty!  I know how important nursery rhymes are to beginning reading and phonemic awareness, so I have been trying to teach them to Aubrey lately.  She is loving them and LOVES rhyming, so teaching her has been easy.  

1.  Humpty Dumpty Creative Play:  I supplied Aubrey with Duplo blocks, Humpty made from an easter egg, Lego men, and horse manipulatives.  Aubrey built the wall and put Humpty on top.  Then she recited the rhyme and knocked Humpty off!  She thought it was fun that he could actually crack open!!!  She played with this for 30 minutes and asked to have it on a tray the whole week!  I'd say that it was successful.

2.  Fixing Humpty Math:  I supplied egg cut outs with faces on and numbered them 1-16.  Aubrey picked an egg and identified the number.  She then had to draw that number of cracks on Humpty.  Then she had to put a Band-aide (sticker) onto each crack to fix Humpty.  After she did them all, I had her put them in numerical order.

3.  Humpty Dumpty Booklet:  I supplied 4 large notecards with a nursery rhyme verse on each card.  We read the card together.  Then Aubrey circled each word of the verse.  She then drew a picture of the verse.  When she was all done, I punched a hole in the sides and bound them together with a pipecleaner. 

4.  Humpty Before and After:  On one side of the paper, Aubrey created Humpty on top of the wall!  On the other side, she made sure he was cracked!

5.  Sequencing Humpty Dumpty:  As we said the nursery rhyme, Aubrey had fun putting these cards in the correct order.  
I had made these Humpty Dumpty sequencing cards from pictures I found just searching "humpty dumpty clipart".  I do not know the original source.

6.  Science:  We concluded the unit on Living vs. Non-Living things today.  Aubrey sorted theme cards and created a poster with them.  

Thank you for joining me today!!!!  Halloween is in a couple days.  Come back to see the girls in their homemade costumes!!!  Aubrey is going to be a "sparkly owl"  and Lena is a panda bear!

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  1. How cute... on the wall with the horses and men! I would love if you would add this to my Mom's Library Weekly Link-Up.

    Thanks and Be Blessed,

  2. Thank You for the link. I will check you out!

  3. SO many great ideas for Humpty Dumpty. In case anyone is looking for free nursery rhyme printables, thought I would provide this link http://www.storytimestandouts.com/2007/03/28/fingerplays-rhymes-and-songs/nursery-rhymes/ I have six free printables that might be useful.

    Thanks again for these ideas.